Chairman's citation for Nats

THE head of NATS' environment department has been awarded the Chairman's Citation of Merit Award by the Air Traffic Control Association.

Ian Jopson, head of environment and community affairs at the firm, which is based in Whiteley, won the accolade in recognition of his ongoing work and achievements in driving for a cleaner, quieter, more sustainable future for aviation.

Under his leadership NATS was the first air traffic management company in the world to set CO2 targets on the air traffic service provided to customers.

He was presented with the award at the 61st ATCA 
Annual Awards in Maryland, USA.

Mr Jopson said: ‘It’s humbling to have been recognised in this way and, while it’s seen as an individual award, it’s really an endorsement of the work of people across NATS, and the collaborative effort we’re all making.’