Christmas in August? Portsmouth shops stocking up on festive cards already

Christmas cards on sale
Christmas cards on sale
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IT MIGHT still be the height of summer but some shops are bringing Christmas to the high street already.

Both Clinton Cards and Card Factory in Commercial Road, Portsmouth, have festive cards on display, despite the fact that it’s only the middle of August.

Both shops have large displays with a huge variety of cards on offer to encourage shoppers to get ahead of the Christmas rush which is still more than four months away.

Card Factory was one of the first stores to put Christmas stock on its shelves this year.

Anthony Morley is store manager at Card Factory in Commercial Road. He said customers enjoy shopping for the festive season at an earlier date.

‘Lots of our customers like to spread the cost of Christmas so we make sure we launch our Christmas range in plenty of time,’ he said.

‘They seem to be going down very well with the customers and the staff are enjoying getting into the Christmas mood.’

Maureen Frost is the deputy chief executive at Hampshire Chamber of Commerce.

She said putting Christmas stock on sale helps people who want to spread the cost to help them control their finances at an expensive time of year.

‘It may seem ridiculously early but, like all retailers, card shops are there to service consumer demand,’ she said.

‘By putting cards on sale now they can help families who want to spread the cost of Christmas over a few months rather than have to pay for everything at the same time.

‘Another point to keep in mind is that people with friends and relatives abroad are working to final international postage dates rather than Christmas itself so that brings it all forward.’

No-one from Clinton Cards responded to calls and emails from The News.

Shoppers’ views

Carlos Teixeira, 31, Kingston Road, Buckland

‘It appeals to consumers I guess.

‘Maybe if things get too busy at Christmas they might want to do shopping now to get ahead.

‘But it’s definitely too early for Christmas right now. Maybe they could start at the end of October?’

Julie Daw, 56, Grindle Close, Portchester

‘It’s a bit too soon. I wouldn’t buy cards now. It’s too soon to be putting Christmas things out.

‘I know they have got to do it but let’s get summer over first. I think the end of September or October would be better.’

Amber Javed, 17, Fort Cumberland Road, Eastney

‘I think they are just shoving Christmas down our throats already.

‘It’s too early to be selling Christmas cards. I think October would be better.

‘I will wait until December and do it last minute.’

Maddison Camilleri, 22, Arundel Street, Landport

‘I t’s nice to have the option to get them early. I’m a busy mum and I would forget.

‘It’s nice to be able to get them early and then I don’t have to worry about it. It’s not for everyone but it’s nice to have the option.’

John Shaw, 80, Conan Road, Hilsea

‘It’s a bit early I think.

‘But I suppose it’s alright.

‘It might be a bit cheaper to do it now because people buy a lot of cards at Christmas time.

‘I would consider buying cards now if I was out that way.’