Cinema changes hands and offers two discount days

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A COMPANY has bought the cinema in Fareham town centre and has changed to the deals it offers.

The Apollo in Fareham town centre has been taken over by Reel cinemas.

Reel is the only independent chain of cinemas in the UK and has 18 across the country.

As Reel is independent, it does not honour the Orange Wednesday offer but has created its own deal called Reel Wednesdays, in which cinema-goers can buy reduced tickets – £3.50 for 2D films and £5.30 for 3D.

Muhammad Faisal, Reel Cinema’s operations manager, said: ‘Our tickets for Reel Wednesdays work out cheaper than the Orange Wednesday deal. The tickets are less than half-price and people can book online. It means that people can come to the cinema by themselves and still enjoy the cheaper rate.’

Reel will continue to honour the previous Apollo deal of cheaper tickets on a Tuesday.

Mr Faisal said: ‘We’ve kept Apollo’s Tuesday offer and called it Reel Tuesday. Our customers benefit from cheap tickets two nights a week.’

Reel has also introduced an OAP club with a complimentary drink, which runs all day Tuesday for any film.

There will be no change to the staff or management structure.

Mr Faisal said: ‘The staff have spent eight months worrying about their jobs while this deal was sorted out.

‘It is done now and by the end of February we will have changed the signs and rebranded. We are very pleased to come to Fareham.’

The nearest Reel cinemas are in Borehamwood and Plymouth. The chain started in 2001 when the current owner KC Suri bought the Curzon Cinema in Loughborough as a property development project.

In this latest expansion, Reel bought four Apollo cinemas – Fareham, Port Talbot, Morecombe and Burnley – in a deal enforced by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT).

The OFT had raised concerns over the purchase of 14 Apollo cinemas by Vue.

Amelia Fletcher, OFT chief economist, said: ‘The OFT was concerned that, as a result of Vue’s acquisition of Apollo, cinema-goers in four areas could face higher prices and a reduction in choice.

‘The sale of these Apollo cinemas to Reel will ensure there continues to be effective competition.’

Reel Cinema will be accepting Apollo gift vouchers until Sunday, June 30.