COMMENT: It’s time to make waves over waste water quality

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Just after Southern Water was forced to pay out a whopping £126m in fines and customer rebates, after an Ofwat investigation showed the firm had stopped wastewater samples from being taken, along comes another blow for the firm.

Now Havant Borough Council has demanded action from Southern Water to clean up its act in the Solent region and council leader Michael Wilson, hopes to form a partnership with other concerned authorities to lobby for improved wastewater monitoring.

Cllr Wilson said:  ‘I was told there have been 146 releases so far this year which is more than 20 a month. While I understand the need to prevent flooding, I am surprised at the number of releases in that time period.’

Yes, Cllr Wilson is right to be concerned. After all, who wants to be enjoying themselves in the briny at Langstone Harbour then get confronted with swathes of raw sewage and other nasties floating about?

One of our sister-papers, the Eastbourne Herald, carried a similar story last Friday, Again, the perpetrator was Southern Water.

Raw sewage was allowed to flow into the sea off Eastbourne for 10 hours at the weekend after a major power failure at the treatment works.

The alarm was raised on Saturday morning (July 27) at the Wastewater Treatment Works at Langney Point – run by Southern Water.

The Environment Agency said ‘untreated sewage was allowed to flow into the sea for around 10 hours on Saturday’ and swimmers were advised not to swim in the sea due to sewage pollution.

We all know Southern Water does an all-round great job but we are three-quarters through 2019 and surely in this day and age such ‘mishaps’ should be things of the past?

Let’s hope so for all we humans who enjoy a dip in the sea plus all the aquatic life which depends on it