COMMENT: Moneyfields proposal is a genuine conundrum

More homes to create more problems for this already overcrowded city of ours?

Sunday, 9th September 2018, 9:47 pm
Updated Sunday, 9th September 2018, 10:53 pm

Fair enough, The Moneyfields Sports and Social Centre says it needs to sell around 20 per cent of the site as housing in order to fund the construction of the construction of a state-of-the-art complex.but is making some of its land suitable for housing development the right way?

It's a tough one indeed.

On one hand the club has to survive because it is a genuinely supportive place for lots of people of all ages while on the downside, the age-old problem of '˜more houses, many more cars' rears its ugly head once again.

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Sometimes it's very hard to believe Portsmouth isn't an island and feels like a suburb of London at times with the amount of traffic. 

And, as you all know,  The News receives a plethora of letters, emails about the constant aggravation of trying to find a suitable parking space '“ often in your own road.

Already the notion has ruffled a few feather with 30 objections to the proposal but 112 have commented in favour and Hilsea councillor Scott Payter-Harris is in the Yes camp and makes the point that if the proposal fails then a lot of community groups will have nowhere to go.

But Portsmouth's housing boss Darren Sander says if the city is going to lose some of this open space it needs to be shown how the community benefit outweighs the loss of open space.

This whole situation is a genuine conundrum and it will be interesting to see what result '“ if any '“ emanates from the planning committee meeting on September 19.

Whatever the outcome. Moneyfields is a well-loved part of our close-knit Portsea Island community and long may it continue to be so.

Let's hope the correct  decision (whatever that may be) is reached for the good of us all.