Company’s graffiti alert system to be first in the UK

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A LOCAL company has become the first business in Britain to sell a unique solution to the problem of graffiti.

Portsmouth-based security firm Elmdene International has recently launched an alarm system which can tell if spray paint is being used on a wall.

Using audio sensors the Merlin Graffiti Detection System (MGD) picks up the sound of an aerosol can and sets off a siren or CCTV system to either scare off vandals – or catch them in the act.

The firm’s factory in Anchorage Park employs around 80 local staff, and it is owned by the US-based Potter Electric Signal Company, which designed the product.

Elmdene also make a range of security and fire alarms.

Business development manager, Jon East, said nothing like the MGD has ever gone on sale in the UK.

‘In any major city like Portsmouth there is always a problem with graffiti vandalism,’ he said.

‘At the moment, the only way to deal with it is by clearing up afterwards.

‘This system will save organisations a great deal of money because they won’t have to be endlessly painting over tags on wall.’

He added that the product was likely to prove most useful to large organisations like councils, rail companies or schools.

He said: ‘The technology it uses stops any other sound but that of a spray can setting it off. We have been testing it for the last six months and it is ready to go on sale.’

The device has a small plastic case less than six inches long, which attaches to the top of a wall.

At its optimum height it can cover an area almost 25ft wide – and connects to many different kinds of security system.

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