Concerns do not go away after open day on depot plans

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RESIDENTS remain unconvinced about plans for a concrete recycling depot on Hayling Island.

People continued to voice their concerns as Brenchley Civil Engineering Ltd held an open day at the proposed site at Howard’s Yard, a former car scrappage site off Mill Rythe Lane.

PLANS Paul Marples, the co-owner of Brenchley Civil Engineering Limited '''               Picture: Malcolm Wells (14137-6970)

PLANS Paul Marples, the co-owner of Brenchley Civil Engineering Limited ''' Picture: Malcolm Wells (14137-6970)

As reported, Brenchley, which has a depot at Farlington and carries out highway repairs, is looking to convert the site into a storage area for lorries and have a recycling machine for some of the materials that are dug up during roadworks.

Brenchley withdrew initial plans following residents’ opposition and is planning to submit scaled-down plans.

The initial plans involved contracts with Colas and Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) – but the fresh plans only include work for SSE.

Terry Worrall, chairman of Hayling Island Community Network, said: ‘We are talking about a minimum of 18 lorries on and 18 lorries off.

‘Once they have planning permission, will they then retrospectively increase the number of lorries coming on to the site?

‘The residents’ association and community board have long been asking for an infrastructure review, which is not forthcoming.

‘If Hayling was to be rebuilt today, there would be a much more substantial road network on the island.

‘To suddenly increase the load on the bridge and the roads, we would consider it to be dangerous.’

Leah Turner, a councillor for Hayling East, was reserving judgment until she has seen the fresh plans in detail.

But she said: ‘It has traditionally been used for boat building. I would call this heavy industrial.’

Residents were told 18 lorries would leave between 7am and 9am and then return at the end of the day.

Paul Marples, co-owner of Brenchley, said: ‘We have got a lot of concerned residents because of how it was portrayed in our original plans.

‘We are not a concrete plant – we are a civil engineering company that will be recycling some of our own goods.’

He said it was down to highway engineers to work out if roads could cope.

‘This was a car recycling centre before that produced a lot of traffic on its own,’ he said. ‘We have cut the size of the yard down by half by selling it to Hayling Yacht Club.’