Concerns raised over bid to sell booze for longe at Portsmouth store

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PORTSMOUTH’S director of public health has spoken out against a shop’s bid to sell alcohol until the early hours of the morning.

Best-One, in Fratton Road, Fratton, Portsmouth, already has a booze licence until midnight every day – but wants to extend it to 1.30am.

A number of other places nearby sell alcohol – including The John Jacques, The Electric Arms and The Froddington Arms – but not as late as the time proposed.

Janet Maxwell, director of public health at Portsmouth City Council, which is determining the matter, has written to the authority in opposition of the plan.

She believes nearby residents would be disturbed if the application is passed.

Ms Maxwell said: ‘I understand that this would be the only premises in the area that would be selling alcohol to this hour, and therefore would attract more customers and associate noise and disorder, at a time when residents would be sleeping.

‘This would impact on the quality of life of the residents living in the vicinity of the premises.’

The shop, which is open 24 hours a day, previously had a licence to sell alcohol for the same length of time.

But following a review brought forward by a residents’ association in 2008, sales were restricted from 10am until midnight.

This action was taken by the council’s licensing committee because it was satisfied a 24-hour alcohol policy was ‘impacting detrimentally’ on all four of the licensing objectives – whether an application would have an impact on crime, public safety, public nuisance and the protection of children.

Ten residents have sent the council their thoughts – seven are against and three support the idea.

A couple who live in Garnier Street, Landport, said: ‘Since its hours were curtailed, our road has been a more pleasant place to live, as we no longer have the noise of people in the night going through shouting and laughing loudly, and relieving themselves in our front garden.’

Best-One has promised there will be CCTV, staff training and security staff on the door on specific nights.

No beers, ciders or lagers will be sold that are stronger than 6.5 per cent, as agreed with police.

A shop spokesperson was unavailable for comment.