Consumer groups write to Prime Minister over Brexit

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BRITAIN’S top three consumer groups have written to the prime minister to consider the potential impact of Brexit on consumer rights.

The chief executives of Citizens’ Advice,, and the Consumers Association Which? are calling for a cross government working group to thrash out the best possible consumer protection deal during negotiations to leave the EU.

The letter raises concerns that core consumer rights and protection could fall by the wayside in future trade deals, and UK consumers need to be shielded from any negative effects of Brexit.

News consumer expert Richard Thomson supports the move to ensure consumer rights are retained and people are not left exposed to unscrupulous trading rip-off merchants.

He said: ‘We’ve come to take our consumer rights for granted, yet they have a crucial role in product safety and quality standards which are woven into our everyday lives.

‘Few people realise they cover such essential issues as a right to a basic bank account, assurances that the integrity of food chain and the quality of food is maintained, and everything we buy is safe to use.

‘It’s essential that the current framework of consumer rights do not amount to a cynical exercise in dumping the baby out with the bathwater.’