Portsmouth Uber trade representative brands new bonus scheme as 'not ideal' as drivers battle with cost of living crisis

FINANCIAL support for Uber drivers has been branded as ‘not ideal’ by the Portsmouth trade representative.

Friday, 13th May 2022, 12:12 pm

Peter Sutherland, who has worked for the firm six years, thinks the new bonus scheme does not support drivers enough.

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This comes after roughly 30 drivers protested outside the Uber offices at Lakeside North Harbour in March.

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The Uber trade representative in Portsmouth, Peter Sutherland, said the new bonus scheme is 'not ideal' for most Uber drivers. Pictured is Uber drivers from Portsmouth outside the company's city office at 1000 Lakeside to protest about the rising cost of working, on March 25, 2022. Picture: Sophie Murray.

People will receive extra revenue if they work weekends – usually Fridays and Saturdays between 6pm and 4am.

Those that do not are set to lose out, and Mr Sutherland said the new measure is insufficient.

He told The News: ‘Rather than coming out with an increase in the cost per mile, or a fuel surcharge - which many other companies have applied - Uber came out with a scheme of bonuses for doing a certain number ot trips within a certain time scale.

‘More should be done, not least because not all drivers work in those times. Some work Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, so they are receiving no benefit from the added bonuses which have been put out there as a sweetener.’

Peter Sutherland, Portsmouth Uber driver representative. Picture: Sophie Murray.

Mr Sutherland said just like other motorists, Uber drivers are feeling the strain of rising fuel prices – with some quitting the app altogether.

Those that work for the company have flexible hours, and the trade representative thinks more overall support should be given.

He added: ‘The scheme they have come out with is not ideal, and does not benefit a large number of the driver population.

‘They are dangling the carrot of the extra bonuses, but there are still drivers, who for various reasons, do not work those hours.’