Switching broadband suppliers: Law will change to make it easier

Plans are in the pipeline to make it easier for broadband customers to switch suppliers and get a better deal, writes The News consumer champion, Richard Thomson.

Monday, 1st November 2021, 5:26 pm
It will soon be quicker and less stressful to swap internet providers Picture: PA Photo/Generic

Communications regulator Ofcom is set to start slim-lining the switching process in the new year when it introduces its ‘One Touch’ process to enable people to change providers as new internet and online services are launched.

The regulator found people are deterred from switching when around four in 10 households said they’d decided to stick with their provider because of the perceived hassle of having to contact more than one company. One in four reported facing unwanted attempts to persuade them to stay with their current provider.

As a result of the change, it will be possible to switch in a day and would no longer involve households having to liaise with both companies. All broadband networks will be obliged to sign up to the ‘One Touch’ switch process by April 2023 to give them time to upgrade systems.

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The new rules will be welcomed by many customers working from home and relying on their broadband connection during the pandemic.

Consumer watchdog Which? also welcomed the change by removing barriers that deterred people from switching providers but wanted the process implemented promptly.