Countryside Alliance welcomes £10m boost

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A £10M investment from government to boost rural broadband signal has been welcomed by the Countryside Alliance.

The fund was unveiled last week and will look at innovative ways, such as mobile, satellite and wi-fi, to improve broadband speeds.

The current government scheme aims to connect 95 per cent of the population by 2017.

The new fund aims to help the final five per cent.

Sir Barney White-Spunner, executive chairman of the Countryside Alliance said: ‘Broadband connectivity is as important as a connection to gas, water and electricity.

‘Our lives are becoming more reliant on the internet and rural people need to get connected. We hope this fund will ensure the roll-out of broadband happens swiftly, so the digital divide does not grow wider and rural communities can compete with their urban counterparts.’

The county council is running a campaign where people can nominate their area for a broadband upgrade.

To sign up go to