Couple open new pop-up book shop and are touring Portsmouth with it

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A HUSBAND and wife duo have set up a new pop-up book shop business.

Phil and Mel Davies, from Southsea, launched Pigeon Books and are travelling around Portsmouth selling their wide range of titles at various markets and pop-up shops.

Mel and Phil Davies, who have launched new pop-up book shop Pigeon Books in Southsea.

Mel and Phil Davies, who have launched new pop-up book shop Pigeon Books in Southsea.

The two launched the business after spotting a gap in the market, so decided to start their new chapter in life in a bid to get more people in the city reading.

Mel, who is a customer service manager by day, enjoys writing poetry and short stories and has had her book Pineapples in the Pool published on book site Unbound last September.

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One of her main reasons for setting up the business was because she was concerned that not enough children were reading and age groups were getting forgotten about.

She said: ‘We want to focus on finding interesting ways to get kids involved with reading and making it fun for them.’

She felt that children aged from six to 12-years-old often struggled to find books that suited their reading level, so wanted to stock books that would be suitable for this age group. 

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Some of the children’s books they stock even have inspiring messages behind them about plastic pollution and climate change. 

They also stock new-fiction, ‘queer lit’ as well as non-fiction books for every reader’s taste.

Readers can even go to them for recommendations if they’re not yet sure what they want to read a service Mel feels is something that sets them aside from big book retailers.

Her Husband Phil, who is a store manager at a firm called Arun Fasteners, is also a keen reader and helps with choosing the perfect books for the shop.

The pair recently held a pop-up shop at the King’s Theatre, where they put their best selection of books on display for book-lovers in Southsea to come and buy.

Their next market appearance will be on Sunday, August 18 at The Trader’s Keep market at the Round Tower in Old Portsmouth.