Couple tie the knot on board historic ship

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A MAN who sailed round the world in the Lively Lady stepped back on board for his wedding.

Steve and Wendy Mason, of Howerts Close, Warsash, had their marriage blessed yesterday on board the ship that Steve has helped guide through many a storm.

But the sun was shining as the couple of 30 years received their blessing from Lively Lady’s skipper – and the pair’s close friend – Alan Priddy, just as a rainbow appeared in the sky.

Steve was one of the key crew members that took the boat and 53 your people round the world in 2004, dodging pirates, avoiding tsunamis, and fighting through gale force winds.

The 61-year-old said: ‘I’ve spent a lot of time on that boat and it just gets in your blood.

‘Wendy knew how much it meant to me and she wanted to get on board too, so we thought there would be no better place to get married than on board Lively Lady.

‘And it was just brilliant, everything we ever imagined and more.

‘After all the storms I’ve seen on that boat, it was lovely to see the sun shining on it and we even got a rainbow.’

The picturesque weather conditions were also touching for Wendy, 55.

‘May dad used to always say that the sun shines on the righteous,’ she said.

‘Sadly he is no longer with us, but when I saw that rainbow I took it as a sign he was with us today. It was very touching.

‘It’s been a wonderful day and we’re so happy that all our friends could make it, but the best bit about it was marrying Steve.

‘It was so special to have the blessing on the Lively Lady and after all the work that Steve’s done with her, it was very personal.’

The blessing was carried out, after a registry office service, by Alan Priddy and the wedding party then went on to a reception in the Red Lion in Fareham.

Alan, who founded the Lively Lady Project said: ‘I was really proud to be asked to do the blessing and tried really hard to pick words that were personal to them and to their relationship.

‘I did mention about the rainbow after the storm during the speech and then one appeared – it was very poetic. In fact it was just perfect.’