Cowplain pharmacy hits back at false closure rumour

Picture: Malcolm Wells

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false rumours about the closure of a 40-year-old family business could cause major problems for the firm.

Tuckers Pharmacy, in London Road, Cowplain, has been in the same family for decades.

A new pharmacy is set to open opposite in the next few weeks and recently a large number of customers have been asking staff at Tuckers when they are due to close.

Now the family has moved to state categorically that Tuckers will not be closing.

Rosemary Tucker set up the business which is now run by her daughter Carole Brooks.

Mrs Tucker said: ‘For the past week there has been a rumour going round but I can tell you that we definitely are not closing.

‘It’s been fed back to us by customers who have heard it from elsewhere.

‘They’ve been coming in asking us why we’re closing. We don’t know where this has come from but rumours like this can hurt a business.

‘In one day, five people came in within a few hours. It’s not true.’

The new pharmacy, will be opened in December by a company called Trimak – not Lloyds Pharmacy. as some have suggested.

It will open directly opposite Tuckers and will open for a minimum of 100 hours per week at the new £4m Cowplain medical centre.

The centre houses a public surgery on the ground floor and private practices above.

In 2005, a loophole in the rules on where new pharmacies can be opened was eased to make it easier to open 100-hour pharmacies.

But this has put Tuckers in direct competition with it.

The company has raised concerns over jobs at the much-respected family firm.

Mrs Tucker added: ‘If they (Trimak) applied for permission now they would never get it because the loophole finished in April.’