Curry house flies £32 meal over to France

BRITISH expats in France are so fed up with the curry available in the country a Southsea restaurant has chartered a plane to fly out a meal to them.

Tuesday, 9th January 2018, 6:00 am
22/12/14 Akash Tandoori Restaurant manager Faz Ahmed. Picture: Paul Jacobs

Family-run curry house The Akash, of Albert Road, is set to give a whole new meaning to the word takeaway as they fly orders out to Brits in Bordeaux, France.

Customers can purchase a meal – including classic dishes chicken tikka massala, lamb balti, bengal naga chicken and vegetable paneer korai – for just £32. A vegetable side and naan are also part of the menu.

The idea was first floated by Roy Buchan after he made a trip across the channel in 2014 but was left disappointed by the lack of curry options.

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Roy stocked up on curry from the restaurant to take to France.

He was supported by James Emery, an English ex-pat and pilot, who helped to put the idea into practice.

James said: ‘I have been a loyal customer of the Akash for close to 20 years.

‘Every time I popped in for a meal, I would complain about the bland and uninspiring version of Indian food we get in France.

‘It was on one of these visits that Faz first floated the idea of delivering one to me at home in Bordeaux.’

Faz Ahmed, restaurant manager, said they had overcome significant obstacles to make the takeaway a reality.

‘We were initially concerned this idea would not become a reality,’ he said.

‘But now I am confident it will be pulled off and cannot wait to see the outcome.

‘Many of our customers have purchased meals for those we intend to send the food out to.

‘Also, several sponsors have contributed to the price of the flight and food.

‘It is an expensive thing to do but will be worth every penny when we pull it off. I’m excited.’

With James’s help, The Akash was able to contact Iroise Aero Formation, a professional flying school based in Brest, which agreed to provide the use of a six-seater TBM700.

The aircraft will depart from Solent Airport in Lee-On-Solent, formerly known as Daedalus naval base.

It will then fly to Saucats Airfield, just south of Bordeaux.

Food will be cooked in Portsmouth, packaged, and then reheated in France.

Faz added: ‘We are so appreciative of those who have supported us in making this happen.

‘Our sponsors BCA Chartered Accountants, His and Her Story, Global Foods, Snows BMW, Southsea Laundry Company and Digital Dinos have made a huge difference with making our intentions happen.’