Cyber security expert on '˜inappropriate selfies'

AN IT expert is warning children are putting themselves at risk by not knowing enough about cyber security.

Wednesday, 7th March 2018, 11:00 pm
Nigel Taylor

Nigel Taylor, managing director of Taylor Made Computer Solutions in Fareham, has said more needs to be done to teach ‘Gen-Z’ (people aged 18 and under) about how they can stay safe online.

This follows a report by Webroot which states that Gen-Z is the least clued up when it comes to cyber security.

The report revealed that those aged 54 to 72 know the most about staying safe online.

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Mr Taylor said: ‘Sadly I can see why the youngest age group is the least cybersecurity-aware. They’ve grown up in this digital era.

‘They are however the most vulnerable and, by association, anyone sharing devices with them in the home, school and work is also exposed to that risk.

‘By not being safe today they are essentially storing up ammunition for hackers to use against them at a later date.

‘Examples of this range from weak and unprotected password use through to inappropriate selfies that can be used against them when they are older.

‘The inappropriate selfies taken at 17 years old may come back to haunt them.’