Dazzling future for business as deal is struck

CLASSY Rachel Lowe with the products from her new firm, She Who Dares UK
CLASSY Rachel Lowe with the products from her new firm, She Who Dares UK

F1 leading provider to stay in town

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A COUPLE of years ago, Rachel Lowe didn’t think she had any kind of future, never mind a glittering one.

That’s because the entrepreneur, who found success with her Destination series of board games, had just lost her business, lost her house, and had a breakdown.

But not only has she pulled herself back from the brink and won the rights for an Olympic version of her board game business, as reported in The News, she is launching another company.

She Who Dares UK is an accessories company which will be launching in the autumn.

It had its first public outing at the Pure London catwalk show recently, celebrating a deal struck with Swarovski, the luxury crystal company.

Rachel, who lives in Copnor with her daughter, said she designed her products as a way to acknowledge inspirational women.

She added: ‘Whether she has won an Olympic gold medal, or graduated from university, or for simply being an amazing mum, our gifts are for anyone you wish to honour.

‘They are gifts that say “I believe in you”.’

Rachel received an MBE for promoting entrepreneurship in schools, but couldn’t afford to collect it.

She said: ‘I am working with Simon Dolan, the Twitter ‘Dragon’, who is backing She Who Dares UK.

‘It was Simon who paid for me and my family to go to Buckingham Palace to receive my MBE when I had nothing. It was totally devastating, going through it. I’d worked my guts out for six years trying to do it, from winning the university’s enterprise challenge award when I was 25.

‘But the MBE, and the degree I got, can never be taken away from me.’