Deadline is looming for tax returns

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TIME is running out to return a paper tax return.

The deadline for the forms to arrive with HMRC is Monday, October 31 – and those which are even a day late will incur a £100 fine, even if there is no tax to pay or the tax due is paid on time.

The longer the form is delayed, the heftier the fine becomes.

There are around 133,000 people in the Portsmouth postcode area who are due to send in a form.

But if you can’t, the advice is to apply to send it online instead, and get three months extra to do it.

The online form is also processed quicker, the tax is calculated there and then, and any rebates owed are paid more quickly.

The deadline for those is January 31.

To find out more about the October deadline and sending a paper tax return, go to