Disabled passengers are given a comfort boost

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DISABLED ferry passengers can now travel from Portsmouth to the Isle of Wight in comfort.

Judith and John Steward, owners of Hayling Wheelchair Services, donated 10 of their Robin wheelchairs to Wightlink for use on its boats.

The ferry firm said it wanted to provide more help for its customers.

Kerry Jackson of Wightlink, said: ‘Every year, we carry over five million passengers, making us one of the UK’s largest domestic ferry operators.

‘We are committed to providing a quality service to everyone and we wanted to make travelling as safe and comfortable as possible for our disabled and elderly passengers.

‘We knew that Hayling Wheelchair Services would provide us with a great solution.’

The wheelchairs can hold a weight of 115kg.

Hayling Wheelchair Services, founded in 1993, previously donated a wheelchair to Wightlink earlier in the year.

Judith said:‘They provide a valuable service to the community and support our tourist industry so brilliantly.’