Eco-driving courses help save thousands

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DRIVERS in Portsmouth have saved a potential £3,000 in fuel in the last two months thanks to a new eco-driving course that aims to reduce fuel waste and Co2 emissions.

The Blue Lamp Trust, a Hampshire and Isle of Wight based charity that is supported by the county’s police and fire services, started running the courses free of charge 
for businesses in the area in July.

It estimates that by July 2015 drivers who have taken the course in Portsmouth and Southampton will have saved £40,000 in fuel in total and will have saved £350 each, based on an average-sized diesel car.

The courses consist of a series of straightforward actions that can be carried out by any driver and are designed for businesses looking to slash fuel costs and reduce their carbon footprint.

They cover a range of easy to implement advice on efficient vehicle maintenance, driving techniques and vehicle use.

Mark Bradford, general manager of The Blue Lamp Trust, said: ‘People seem to associate eco-driving with simply going slower but that’s not necessarily the case.’

To register for a free course and for more information visit