Electricity firm’s probe after part of Southsea suffers power cuts

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ALMOST 100 homes in Southsea were without power for more than seven hours.

Residents in the Haslemere Road and Devonshire Avenue area suffered the power failure on Wednesday night.

They had no electricity from 10pm until 5.45am the next day. Southern Electric apologised for the power failure and said engineers were looking into the cause.

Sharron Miller-McKenzie, spokeswoman for the electricity firm, said: ‘We had 90 customers in the Haslemere Road and Devonshire Arms area lose power.

‘It went off at about 10pm and wasn’t back on until 5.45am.

‘We think there has been an underground cable fault and have been working at the local substation on finding the solution for that.

‘The power has been returned, but we will continue to work on the substation.

‘Engineers have been working to fix the problem. We would also like to take this opportunity to apologise to all our customers who experienced the power loss. We are working on fixing the problem and doing as much as we can.’

The power cut is one in a long line of failures that has plagued the Southsea area in recent months.

Previously firms in Marmion Road have complained of losing business due to the problem.