Energy saving move by Co-op is praised

Picture: Pierandrea Guarnieri

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GREEN campaigners have praised a move by a supermarket chain to make its shops more environmentally friendly.

The Southern Co-operative (TSC) has started to put doors on chillers in all of its new stores in a bid to save energy.

Not only does the move keep the cold in but it also means that as the store doesn’t get filled with cold air, energy is saved on heating the building as well.

The Emsworth store, in High Street, is one of the only older stores to have them installed and Ray Cobbett, Hampshire co-ordinator of Friends of the Earth, said it is a good move.

‘Fully-enclosed fridge cabinets are very effective in significantly reducing the energy required to keep cabinets cool and therefore a welcome move to reduce carbon emissions,’ he said.

Steve Tremlett, head of development for TSC, said: ‘We feel sure that this is worth doing on chillers in all of our other stores, so we have gone back to Emsworth and fitted the doors so that we can compare energy saving from a before and after point of view.’

Mr Tremlett said most customers surveyed did not mind opening and closing the chillers’ doors to get to items.