CAROLINE CHAMPOUGNY has landed from Salt Lake City to bring her unique business idea to Portsmouth.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 3rd May 2018, 7:00 am
Let's Paint Pompey (from left) Edward Macaulay, Christina Audrain, Caroline Champougny, Lorène Champougny
Let's Paint Pompey (from left) Edward Macaulay, Christina Audrain, Caroline Champougny, Lorène Champougny

Let’s Paint Pompey is a creative company which allows those fond of a pint to paint to their hearts’ content in the safety of their favourite local.

Caroline, born in France, recently moved here from Salt Lake City with her husband, a teacher at the University of Portsmouth.

Both teachers, Caroline decided to become a private tutor and used her free time to launch the business.

She said: ‘I’d seen a similar idea in Utah and it worked so well. I couldn’t wait to bring it to the people of Portsmouth.’

Caroline has already run her event in Southsea pubs including The Wine Vaults and The Wave Maiden.

The artist paints a picture and asks participants to re-create the painting on their own canvas, on which Caroline has already drawn out a template.

She added: ‘I provide all of the materials, everything. I don’t like to give a blank canvas to guests because it can make them fearful.

‘I ask people to be creative and do their own interpretations or copy my style if they wish. People can take their paintings home with them to keep.

‘I have been painting for more than 10 years and this type of event really brings people together.’

Caroline added that she found pubs to be the perfect venue for her enterprise.

She said: ‘English people love spending time in pubs, it’s fantastic, so I thought it would be a nice idea. Everybody loves a cold pint or a nice ale. Why not combine a tasty drink with a hobby?

‘It helps me because I don’t have to rent a space. I like the idea that it is benefical for both the pubs and me.

‘I bring trade to them on quieter nights with my event, so it’s a win-win situation.

‘The Vaults and Wave Maiden are two of my favourite pubs. They have cosy, separate rooms away from the crowds allowing us to run our own space.

‘Portsmouth has such an incredible range and choice of pubs and bars, a drastic change from Salt Lake City.’

Let’s Paint Pompey’s next event takes place at The Wine Vaults on May 9, from 7pm.

To find out more information and purchase tickets, visit Caroline’s Facebook page facebook.com/letspaintpompey