Entrepreneur says holistic approach is key to success

AN ENTREPRENEUR has credited a Natwest accelerator programme for giving her the confidence to build her business globally.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 16th January 2018, 12:00 am
Emma Trisha Dunbar
Emma Trisha Dunbar

Stamshaw-born Emma ‘Trisha’ Dunbar set up her digital business, Language Learners, in October 2016 with just 10 local followers. She now has over 5,000.

The firm supports language learners and teachers through mindfulness techniques and community collaboration.

When Emma noticed that her business was steadily growing, she decided she needed to relaunch her website with the proper advice and guidance.

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The entrepreneur joined the NatWest Entrepreneurial Spark campaign and recently graduated with an award under her belt.

Emma said: ‘I accidentally grew this business. It began as a passion for helping others to achieve success and has grown into so much more.

‘I am able to support language learners all over the world, bringing people together and seeing the amazing progress they make.

‘I can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store for my business.

‘My vision is to encourage more people to start learning languages especially as Brexit looms. It is now more important than ever for people in the UK to learn a second language.

‘I am also working with professional language organisations to produce resources for people who struggle to learn languages via the traditional methods.’

Emma, who grew up in Stamshaw and North End, now lives in Gosport with her husband Simon and daughter Sophia.

She hopes to encourage more people to learn a new language not just for business or social reasons but to help with their mental wellbeing and cognitive functioning too.

Emma is planning to hire a digital assistant to manage the growth of her new website languagelearnersjournal.com.