Escape room set in shipping container returns to Portsmouth  

Sam Pollard-Jones, co-owner of Challenger Escapes. Picture: Sarah Standing (240419-6966)
Sam Pollard-Jones, co-owner of Challenger Escapes. Picture: Sarah Standing (240419-6966)
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A SHIPPING container that is home to an innovative escape room has returned to Portsmouth.

Teams of participants are locked in the 40ft container and have to complete a series of brain-taxing puzzles to get out. 

The game, run by Challenger Escapes, is set in the Cold War and tells the story of an agent who was working behind enemy lines in Russia, who gets a set of Russian plans and sends them home in the container. 

Teams of up to six have to complete cryptic clues, crack codes and work out word puzzles, until they find the plans – and the key for the exit. 

The container completed a four-week stint at the Pyramids in Southsea during April but after a short break, is back at the Mountbatten Centre in Stamshaw until May 23.

Sam Pollard-Jones, 23, runs the game with his brother Jamie Pollard-Jones, 26, an army Captain with the King’s Royal Hussars. 

Sam, from Lyme Regis, said: ‘It was great to be in Southsea. The feedback we had was great - and we still have our five-star online reviews. We are really happy that it worked so well in Portsmouth. All the people who came along enjoyed it and we enjoyed being here.

‘The Pyramids was great as there was a lot of people walking past and the container caught their attention. 

‘I hope those who didn't get to play will come and see us at the Mountbatten Centre and take part.’ 

The firm began as a concept after the pair took a trip to Budapest and saw its escape rooms. 

Participants have an hour to solve the puzzle. Tickets start at £15 per person. 

The brothers plan to take their game on tour this summer, stopping at towns across the country and festivals – plus hiring it out for corporate events. 

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