Ex-rugby player tries to get to the root cause of pain

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IT WAS an accident on the rugby pitch that showed David Eldridge that there were changes to be made in the way back problems are treated.

He fractured his neck in a tackle and realised that there was work that could be done to help patients recover from such injuries without the risk of injuring themselves further.

Now, 12 years on, the former Harlequins player has set up the Frameworks clinic in Havant Road, Emsworth, and is using ground-breaking technology and techniques to treat his patients.

Dr Eldridge said: ‘The word revolutionary is used a lot, but this is more evolutionary. Lots of disciplines claim to change things for patients, but all they really do is plaster over the problem.

‘People can be sceptical of new technology but once they’ve used us, they never have to use anyone else because they don’t have to.’

Dr Eldridge uses an Orthopaedic Micro Manipulation technique, which is designed to target specifically the root of people’s joint pain, rather than treating the symptoms.

For example, a pain in the knee could have its root cause elsewhere, such as in the back.

Dr Eldridge said: ‘It’s strange to say but we ignore the pain, the symptom, and look for the direct cause. When we find and treat that, the pain goes away. It’s logical.’

He says it is better than traditional techniques, such as physiotherapy or chiropractic, because it specifically targets one area, rather than manipulating a number of muscles, cracking joints or injecting painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs.

So far Dr Eldridge has opened six Frameworks clinics, but his plans for more are bold.

He said: ‘Next year we plan to open 50 across the country, and then 1,000. We’ll see how it goes, but that’s the plan.

‘Our technique is that good that everybody wants to copy it, so the faster we can get ourselves out there the better.’