Expat takes favourite Southsea curry home to France for Christmas lunch

Curry fan Roy Buchan and Kaz Ahmed of The Akash in Southsea
Curry fan Roy Buchan and Kaz Ahmed of The Akash in Southsea
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FRANCE may be famous for its good food - but one British expat says he misses a good curry so much that he spent more than £100 stocking up at a Southsea restaurant to take home for Christmas lunch.

As Roy Buchan collected his £105 order on Thursday, staff asked where he was off to and were surprised when he replied: ‘Back home to France.’

While Roy has been enjoying rural life in a Normandy village for the last ten years, he does miss a good curry.

He explained: ‘When we lived in the UK our favourite type of food was always Indian cuisine and, although there are some Indian restaurants in France, the quality of food is nowhere near as good as in England and this is partly because French people, in the main, are not fond of spicy dishes.

‘So, we never miss the opportunity to have an Indian whenever we visit the UK.’

When it comes to the festive season, Roy and wife Jan have developed their own spicy tradition.

Instead of turkey and all the trimmings, they opt for a curry.

One of the couple’s sons lives in Portsmouth and has taken them to The Akash a couple of times when they

have visited.

Last week, Roy left France on an early morning Brittany Ferry to Portsmouth and met his son for a meal at The Akash.

‘I left with my takeaway packed in a large cool bag containing ice blocks for my overnight return trip to Caen,’ he said.

‘We have been very impressed with the quality of the food and service at The Akash so when it came to travelling to England for the day to pick up our Christmas dinner Indian meal, it was an obvious choice.

‘As there are only two of us here for Christmas lunch, I am sure that we will not finish all the food I brought back but the rest will be greatly enjoyed by us and our guests at New Year. Everything arrived back home in France without a hitch and is now safe in the freezer waiting for Christmas Day.’

Faz Ahmed, who runs the restaurant with his dad, George – who founded it in 1978 – and also his brother Jaf.

Faz said: ‘People order our meals to be delivered to all sorts of places and for a variety of occasions. We deliver to student digs, the naval base in Portsmouth, people take food back to London, Birmingham, Guildford all over the UK and we have even had people enjoy our meals as part of a wedding reception but this is the first time we have ever had anyone take their takeaway to another country before – and for Christmas Day as well.

.Roy and Jan are a lovely couple, and it was nice to be able to play a part in their Christmas festivities. We wish them ‘bon appetit’.’