Family’s coffee empire continues to grow with opening of new shop

FAMILY runs Coffee Cup
FAMILY runs Coffee Cup

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A FAMILY’S chain of coffee outlets continues to grow across the city.

What started out as a small trailer selling hot drinks in Eastney has become a chain of shops in three areas of Portsmouth.

Set up by Steve and Debbie Parsons in 2007, they soon got son Adam into helping out with the business.

Adam, who is manager of Coffee Cup, said: ‘My parents had opened for a year or two and then it started getting busier.

‘We extended our opening times. We outgrew the trailer and then we were asked to open a place at Clarence Pier at the end of 2010. We had a small cafe there.

‘We got a bigger trailer and we put one in Guildhall Square.

‘We had to bid for that and go in front of a Dragons’ Den-style presentation in front of councillors. I think there were nine other businesses that went for that and we were chosen.

‘I started in 2009. Basically, when we started getting busier my family needed someone to manage it.

‘I was working in insurance at the time. My parents joked I should work for them, and then it got serious.’

The family now runs three Coffee Cup outlets.

A new, permanent building has recently been started on at Eastney and should be completed by the end of the summer season.

‘We have never built anything before so we are learning quickly,’ said Adam.

‘It should be finished by September or October.

‘Being a family-run business, we are trying to offer something extra to our customers.

‘We have got regulars and we offer more to our customers. We have an excellent level of service.

‘Everything we sell is freshly made. Everything is baked that morning.

‘Each one of our locations makes the food – you don’t always get that from chain shops in the high street.’