Family’s hair extension firm is a hit, with high hopes for the future

Xtend director Jenna Morey with customer Debbie McKay from Gosport, in the salon. ''Picture: Sarah Standing (142351-1830)
Xtend director Jenna Morey with customer Debbie McKay from Gosport, in the salon. ''Picture: Sarah Standing (142351-1830)
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An expert in hair extensions recently opened a new salon when it outgrew its last shop.

Xtend With Style Hair Extensions started around three years ago when Gary and Gill Law, along with Gill’s daughter, Jenna Morey, saw a gap in the market.

They have now opened their new salon in West Street, Fareham, and hope to continue growing and have enough demand to open another branch in the next two years.

Previously, the family’s firm was based at The VIP Suite above Nirvana Hair Salon, also in West Street.

Gary, 55, who is a plumber working in the construction industry, said: ‘We have now got an established business, which we have been running for around two-and-a-half years.

‘Our business has grown and we needed our own salon.

‘The whole thing started with my stepdaughter, who is a hairdresser and has been really interested in hair extensions.

‘We looked into it and saw a huge gap in the market. The business is growing really quickly.

‘We have built a fantastic reputation in the area for what we do.’

Asked what it is the business does well, he said: ‘It is a really personal service that we give to people. People like coming to us.’

As he continues to work as a plumber, he says his wife and stepdaughter are ‘at the forefront of the business’.

Jenna, who is 25, and an apprentice are in charge of the hair, while Gill works on the reception.

‘Our business model is we want to expand and open another salon further afield in the future,’ he continued.

‘We have only had this salon open for a month and want to open another in the next two years.’

The salon uses 100 per cent human hair and offers a service for all budgets.

‘We don’t just cater for young people,’ Gary said.

‘We have a huge amount of girls aged around 16 to 18 and ladies all the way up to their 50s and 60s.

‘We don’t just aim at one target group, we are open for everyone.

‘With a regular salon, you might get some that do hair extensions, but they will not be experts in it.

‘Because we specialise in hair extensions, and hairdressing is an add-on which we can do, we know everything about the two.

‘That makes a huge difference to our customers.

‘A lot of people who come to see us may have never had hair extensions before.

‘Or, if they do have or have had them, they want the best possible service and want to come and see us.’