Fans welcome takover deal

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Leading Pompey fans today expressed relief that the deal to buy the club had finally been done.

Bill Gillon, owner of, said: ‘It’s good news but it’s also important what happens now.

‘We are not asking the earth, the fans just want to see the club put back on its feet and run in a sensible way.

‘I welcome the takeover but there are still some questions we would like answering. Such as what is the plan now, and does Chainrai still have any involvement or is he gone completely?’

Bob Beech, chairman of S.O.S. Pompey, said: ‘I would give them a cautiously optimistic welcome.

‘Pompey fans have been bitten too many times for us to start jumping for joy, but hopefully we now have owners who have bought the club for the right reasons.

‘What we need to see now is communication with supporters and a clear plan of what they are going to do next.

‘I don’t have any illusions about them signing Lionel Messi, but it would be good if Steve Cotterill could field a full team next season.’

Long-time supporter John Westwood said: ‘I think it’s fantastic news, I’m just over the moon.

‘After months of waiting and more than a year of turmoil it’s finally over and I’m very happy.

‘The fans have really been through the mill, but we the team did incredibly well last season given the circumstances, and this is the icing on the cake.

‘I don’t care how much money the new owners have got, as long as they secure the long term future of the club.

‘That’s the most important thing.’