Firm offers new minibus bookings as depot shuts down

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THE owner of a minibus firm which has gone into liquidation has today moved to reassure customers that their trips could be saved.

David Sharpe, who runs Vision Travel Minibuses Ltd, which trades as Zenith Minibuses, said all the company’s customers had been informed of the firm going bust.

He said their trips could be rearranged at reduced prices by Vision Travel International Ltd , which has its head office in Spur Road, Cosham and is run by Mr Sharpe’s sister Rebecca Simmonds and their father Peter Sharpe.

Earlier, Zenith’s minibus drivers contacted The News to say they had not been paid for weeks.

Drivers who spoke out said they did not want to be named, for fear of harming any chance they may have of getting their wages.

One claimed : ‘We were told that our wages were guaranteed, but then we turned up for work and there was a sign on the gate and we couldn’t get in.

But David Sharpe said they had only been without wages for the last week of their employment, and had been notified in advance of their job loss.

He added: ‘The staff were all paid up to the day the insolvency people took over, and now they have to claim through them for everything.

‘They’ve taken over and we do what we are told by them.

‘ My father phoned me up and told me we had to shut the gates on the Sunday. It was a shock to me as well.

‘We’ll all be getting that week’s wages - including me, as I’m also out of a job now.

Insolvency firm Philip Roberts & Partners in Farnham confirmed it was acting for Vision Travel Minibuses Ltd in helping it complete a voluntary liquidation.

It is understood the firm will be wound-up by September 4.

Mr Sharpe added: ‘Our customers have all had courtesy calls and we’ve explained to them what’s going on.

‘Vision Travel International are honouring them at cut rate prices.’

Vision Travel International’s services remain unaffected by the liquidation of Zenith Minibuses.