Firms targeted by taxman

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SMALLER firms in the region are being specifically targeted by the taxman, an account has warned.

HMRC this week launched its Business Records Checks in the south east, which focus on firms with an annual turnover of under £30m and which employ fewer than 250 people.

Trudi Amy, tax director at Grant Thornton south coast office, said: ‘As part of this latest crackdown, SMEs in the south east that are deemed more likely to be at risk of having inadequate records can expect to be contacted by HMRC by letter to arrange for a call to go through a short questionnaire.

‘Depending on the outcome of the call there are three likely options – no further action, the offer of targeted self-help education options, or a BRC visit for those that are assessed as being at risk of keeping inadequate records.’

Trudi urged firms which have not registered with HMRC to seek tax advice.