Firms told to make sure employees are driving safely

A screen grab  from the Rolls-Royce Motor Cars YouTube channel of a promotional video showing grime artist Skepta, left, and a friend being driven in a car while not wearing a seatbelts

Rolls-Royce pulls ad featuring Skepta not wearing a seatbealt

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EMPLOYERS are being urged to ensure their staff are driving safely following a rise in road deaths in 2014.

Nationally, between January and March this year there were 380 road deaths, 13 per cent higher than the same quarter in 2013.

With nearly a third of all road accidents involving a vehicle being driven for business use, Hampshire charity The Blue Lamp Trust estimates some 114 of these accidents could have been business-related and potentially landed company directors in prison.

The charity is stressing the importance of ensuring employees drive safely following the release of the new figures.

Mark Bradford, manager of The Blue Lamp Trust, said: ‘These latest figures really hammer home the risk that Hampshire companies face every time a member of staff gets into a vehicle.

‘Simple steps such as running checks on driving licences, having a driving for work policy and enrolling employees in driver training schemes can dramatically cut the risk of accidents.’

Directors of companies who cannot prove they have taken reasonable steps to ensure their employees are driving safely can face huge fines and prison sentences of up to 14 years if their staff injure or kill someone while driving for work reasons.

The Blue Lamp Trust, a charity set up in Hampshire by the fire service and police, is urging Hampshire businesses to consider sending staff on driver training courses to make them safer behind the wheel.

Any profits generated by the driver training courses are invested in the Bobby Scheme which helps victims of burglary and domestic violence. The money goes towards helping crime victims improve security on their homes.

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