Fitness instructors aid Poppy Appeal

SPECTACULAR Dave Burke and Paddy Finn with a poppy made of bibs
SPECTACULAR Dave Burke and Paddy Finn with a poppy made of bibs
Picture: Pierandrea Guarnieri

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MEMBERS of British Military Fitness put instructors through their paces to raise money for the Poppy Appeal.

The boot was on the other foot as members who train at Southsea Commongave instructors a variety of exercises to raise money for the Royal British Legion’s appeal.

Tristram Murdoch, instructor at Southsea Common, said: ‘As most of our instructors have either served in the military or are still serving, Remembrance Day is an event that is firmly implanted in our hearts.

‘We wanted to raise money and awareness for the appeal by allowing members to turn the tables on us and let them train the trainer.

‘Some of our members have been working hard with British Military Fitness for years, so were champing at the bit for the chance to take control.

‘A few of the members became a little nervous in case we made them work twice as hard at their next session, but the main thing is that everyone had fun on the day and we took the time to remember those who made sacrifices for their country.’