Game over for fans left with shop’s gift cards

NOT HAPPY Karen Coates with her Game vouchers.  Picture: Steve Reid (121119-191)
NOT HAPPY Karen Coates with her Game vouchers. Picture: Steve Reid (121119-191)
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VIDEO game fans have been left holding worthless gift vouchers after the high street chain Game collapsed.

The stores which haven’t already been closed as a result of the company going into administration are refusing to honour the gift cards.

But Karen Coates, an avid games fan, kept hold of £40 of gift cards after being told by staff at the Fareham Shopping Centre branch that she would still be able to redeem them even if the company went into administration.

Miss Coates, 34, of Russell Street in Gosport, said: ‘I had £10 left over from Christmas and got another £30 for my birthday earlier this month.

‘Last week, I went into the Game in Fareham but the game I wanted was out of stock.

‘I asked the staff and they told me that there was no need to worry and that the cards could still be spent if they went into administration.

‘I went in there again this week to try and use them and this time I was told by the staff that they are no longer allowed to accept them.

‘I’m extremely upset that I now have gift cards that were purchased for me as presents, that Game has had the money for upfront, which are now deemed to be completely worthless.

‘I’m disappointed that they are in trouble, but their stuff was often overpriced compared to what you can get online.’

PricewaterhouseCoopers was appointed as the administrator earlier this week.

The branch in Cascades Shopping Centre in Portsmouth was one of 277 across the UK closed on Monday, but the store in nearby Commercial Road has remained open, as has the Fareham shop.

The News consumer expert Richard Thomson said: ‘If a company goes into administration, it’s up to the administrator to honour any creditors to the business and if they don’t want to do that, they don’t have to.

‘Unfortunately, under UK law, consumers are the last in line for any money.’

Customers are being advised to call the helpline with any inquiries on 0871 200 3068.