Gender pay results are sweet for Chocolate co.

FOLLOWING the gender pay gap debate, a chocolate company has carried out a survey of its workforce to determine its own performance.

Thursday, 29th March 2018, 7:00 am

Montezuma’s, which is based near Emsworth, revealed that its gender pay gap is -2.4 per cent in favour to women.

This is compared to the national average of 18.4 per cent in favour of men.

Publishing its results, the company said that its workforce is predominantly female, with 70 per cent of its roles held by women.

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Commenting on the results of the survey, co-founder Helen Pattinson said: ‘We always work hard to support and encourage all of our staff, and ensure that we give our people a position based on their relevant experience and skill set regardless of gender.

‘I am really proud that we can celebrate our very strong female workforce.

‘We have always been keen to support flexible working for staff.

‘Although we fall below the legal requirement to publish our gender pay gap, we felt it was important to share our results as it reinforces strongly that we practice what we preach.’