Gold medallist’s help from physio

HANDS-ON Natalie March, of Physio-logical, looked after Olympic sailors
HANDS-ON Natalie March, of Physio-logical, looked after Olympic sailors
Picture: Malcolm Wells

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HAVANT physiotherapist Natalie March is back home, after helping athletes survive the rigours of the Olympics.

She set up Physio-logical in New Lane two years ago, and has another branch in Basingstoke.

After a lengthy selection process, she was chosen as one of 4,000 medical professionals to work at London 2012.

She was based in Weymouth, helping sailors stay fit enough to go for gold.

She said: ‘What an amazing few weeks!

‘With over 18,000 applicants and only 4,000 medical positions available I was delighted to be selected as one of the physiotherapists at the London 2012 Olympics.

‘I treated elite sailors and windsurfers from around the world including a gold medallist sailor, and also medal finalists from China, France, Greece, Spain, Italy, and Ukraine.

‘It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and experience.

‘It was wonderful the way the many different nationalities got on with each other.’

Natalie has been sworn to secrecy over the identity of the gold medallist whom she treated.

But she was in charge of trying to prevent problems in the first place, treating injuries that couldn’t be avoided, and then giving follow-up care afterwards.

She said: ‘I found all the athletes and people I worked with to be extremely friendly and good fun to be with.’