Gosport Borough FC has a gazebo, photocopier and £14,000 of debt

FOOTBALL GROUND Gosport Borough FC's home Privett Park
FOOTBALL GROUND Gosport Borough FC's home Privett Park

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A BAILIFF sent to recover £14,000 from a football club found only a photocopier and metal gazebo – and even they were not worth taking.

It comes as Gosport Borough FC was ordered to pay £14,210 to DLP Festival Management for a festival run in May 2012.

An officer from the Sheriffs Office went to the club’s grounds in Privett Road last month to recoup the cash following a high court writ.

But the officer found only the photocopier and gazebo, which will not cover the debt.

Former councillor Dave Smith, the sole director of DLP, told The News he had to cash in his pension because of the debt.

He said: ‘No money has been paid to me. It’s frustrating, because this just goes on. I never had the money. It was only because I was conscientious that I went ahead with this.’

Mr Smith said he has not received any money since a county court judgement was issued in October 2012.

But club chairman Mark Hook said a payment has been made to the court.

He said: ‘We’ve made a payment to the high courts and will continue to do so.’

But Mr Hook added he did not want to go into how much as been paid as he said it was a private matter that was between the football club and Mr Smith.

In December Mr Hook told The News the money should be paid by May this year.

As reported in December, the football club’s cheques to Mr Smith had bounced due to a cashflow problem at the start of the season.

It comes after Northampton County Court ordered the club to pay the debt in a judgement issued on October 24 , 2012.

The club had not responded to the claim and was warned it could face having its goods removed and sold.

Subsequently, a High Court writ dated November 28 instructed Mr Smith’s enforcement officers to seize goods to get the cash owed.

After the firm’s December 30 visit club it wrote to Mr Smith. It said: ‘Our officer walked round the property and reported the only assets he could see was a metal gazebo and a photocopier and that if removed, would not cover the debt.’

The club paid Mr Smith £1,000 before the judgement was issued in 2012.