Gosport chosen as UK base for electric bike shop

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ONE of the world’s best known manufacturers of electric bikes has brought its operation to Britain and set up shop in Gosport.

MoparLTD is the only official UK dealer for Dayun Electric Bikes – though motorbike shops all over the country stock the product – and is based at the Gosport Business Centre in Aerodrome Road.

The company is being run by Haukur Sveinsson and his two sons, Hafthor and Heida, who all moved to the UK from Iceland.

They have six years of experience in the industry, having previously owned Sport-X in Reykjavik, which was one of the country’s most popular motorsport shops.

Now they import and stock Dayun Electric Bikes – the company’s only official outlet in Britain.

Its range includes standard bikes, folding bikes, as well as a tricycle.

The bikes have a 30-mile range, and at a cost of only five pence to recharge, now may signal the time for Britain to ‘go green’ for good.

Mr Sveinsson, who is now chief executive of Dayun’s UK business, said: ‘We chose Gosport Business Centre as a base for our business as the workspace is just the right size, the location is perfect for us, and the flexible terms mean we are not tied into a long restrictive agreement.’

The bikes can look similar to mopeds, but only have a top speed of 15mph. It means they don’t need tax, though they can be driven on roads.

The smaller ones, designed for use on cycle paths and trails, look more like everyday bicycles except with the addition of a battery back mounted onto the frame.

They are aimed at people who may not be able to afford to run a car, or who don’t have anywhere to park one, but who live a little too far away from work or the shops to use a regular bicycle.

Andrew Weston, centre manager at the Basepoint-operated Gosport Business Centre, said: ‘With commuting costs rising all the time, these bikes are a great alternative for people who only have a short journey to travel to work.

‘With a network of excellent cycle routes in our region, these bikes are becoming more and more popular.’