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IT’S all in the ritual of setting up the record player and taking the vinyl from its sleeve.

That’s what Paul Potter, the owner of independent Reflex Records in Gosport’s High Street believe.

Demand has increased so much that he is now considering opening a store in neighbouring Fareham.

And he’s noticed a huge increase in the number of people turning to vinyl who are fed up with digital formats.

He said: ‘Vinyl is very strong now and surprisingly, young people are getting into it,’ he said.

‘It’s not just the usual suspects, guys who are my age around 40 or 50 buying their fresh copy of Dark Side of the Moon.

‘I suppose they’re getting fed up of their MP3 format, it’s like anything these days, it’s transitional.’

Last year Independent Record Store Day saw the store take in one day what it would normally earn in a week-and-a-half. The record store owner and DJ says the attraction of vinyl is superior to that of modern-day electronic copies of music.

He said: ‘When you play a vinyl album, it’s a definite ritual. You’ve got the sleeve and most represses of vinyl are nice heavy ones, 180 gram represses now.

‘You’ve got all the cover notes and if you’re lucky enough you’ve managed to get a limited edition with extra tracks.’