Gum disposal bins could save airport thousands

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PORTSMOUTH’S closest airport is looking to save around £3,000 a year on cleaning costs, thanks to a new type of bin.

Service firm Amey has installed around 25 Gumdrop bins at Southampton Airport, which are designed purely to collect people’s used chewing gum.

The gum is then recycled into more bins, which will be used elsewhere in the airport.

The installation of the bins means Southampton Airport becomes the first airport in the world to use them.

It will be conducting a survey of passengers today to find out how many of them chew gum.

Gumdrop’s founder, Anna Bullus, is a former pupil of Bedales in Petersfield.

A spokesman for the airport said: ‘The bins are an eye-catching bubblegum pink colour and the gum that’s disposed of in them will be recycled and used to help manufacture more Gumdrop units for use in the airport and elsewhere.

‘If used by the two million passengers that pass through the terminal each year, these units could save the airport up to £3,000 in cleaning costs.’