Half-term is costly for parents, says firm

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ONE in five parents find the school break stressful because of the associated costs, according to the latest research.

The research, put together by Equifax, found that parents pay on average £144 for childcare during half-term and £179 on keeping their children entertained.

This brings the average total to £323 for the week – over £60 per day.

More than 23 per cent of parents in the south east said they were stressed about it.

Lisa Hardstaff, Equifax credit information expert, said: ‘The cost of half-term is clearly taking its toll on parents, with 62 per cent saying that the cost of school holidays is increasing year on year.

‘It’s only the first half-term of the academic year, yet it is interesting to see just how quickly the costs can add up.’

The research found that almost one in three feel that their child misses out on activities during half-term because of cost. And 15 per cent said their child is envious of other children during half-term because others can afford to do more activities.