Hampshire police warn of cyber cheats trying to con people with fake emails

CYBER crooks are targeting people with scam emails, Hampshire Constabulary has warned.

Friday, 2nd September 2016, 5:55 am

Scammers claiming to be from Microsoft are attempting to con people into sending money to a false account.

Victims are told there has been a breach in the security of the PC. The con artists tell them they need to gain remote access to this in a bid to fix the machine.

Once crooks have access they inform the victim that in order to fix the device they will require a fee which they then ask the victim to pay via their local post office using a moneygram.

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PCSO Hannah Jeffcoat said: ‘There are many variations of this scam including the “Microsoft user” claiming the victim is owed compensation because of the security breach.

‘The scammers will try and make themselves sound more convincing by giving ID numbers and employee names etcetera.

‘Please be mindful with any calls similar to this and do not grant access to your device or transfer money.

‘These scammers will try and apply pressure to the people they are speaking to.’

Police are also warning that users of Apple products are also being targeted by cheats.

In this con, crooks say there has been a transaction on a victim’s account and that they need to verify the person’s Apple ID.

Officers are warning people not to click on the link emailed.

PCSO Jeffcoat added: ‘There are many varieties of scams around at the moment so please be mindful and keep your details safe.’