Hampshire railway commuters face fare increase next month

PRICE HIKE Passengers on South West Train will see their fares go up
PRICE HIKE Passengers on South West Train will see their fares go up

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TRAIN commuters from the south coast to London face a four per cent fare increase next month.

Season tickets will be priced at £4,668 – a percentage ride of 4.2% from 2012’s price – from January 2.

The Association of Train Operating Companies (Atoc) say the average increase on January 2 will be 3.9% - but it was revealed last week some season tickets will be going up by nearly six and a half per cent.

All season tickets are classed as regulated fares where a 4.2% average rise cap exists for January 2013.

But unregulated fares, which include some off-peak trips, can be raised to any figure train companies choose, with some likely to far exceed the 3.9% average rise.

Atoc chief executive Michael Roberts said: ‘Fare rises are determined largely by Government policy, and the chancellor confirmed the Government’s approach for next year in the Autumn statement.

‘Railway funding can only come from the taxpayer or from the passenger, and the government’s policy remains that a bigger share must come from people who use the train.’

He added: ‘We know nobody likes paying more for their journey, especially to go to work.

‘Train companies will continue working with the rest of the industry to become more cost efficient, helping to take the pressure off future fare rises.’