Heather's in theswing of runningCams golf club

HEATHER Tubb has taken control of a golf club after being appointed Cams Hall Estate's newest general manager.

Thursday, 6th July 2017, 7:00 am
Updated Tuesday, 12th September 2017, 11:57 am
Heather Tubb, ready to take the reins at Cams Hall Estate

Southampton-born Heather brings a wealth of 22 years experience in golf and hotel management to the industry and is a familiar face at the club, having worked with them since 2007, but she is still only one of a handful of women who currently run a golf club in the region.

The traditionally male-dominated sport is seeing an increase in the number of women hired into the industry and Cams Hall has one of the largest ladies sections in Hampshire.

To anybody looking to succeed, Heather said: ‘Be a people person. I’m definitely not one of those managers who hides behind a desk! It’s better to be visible and deal with things face-to-face especially at a busy club like this.’

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Heather is also passionate about opening up the industry. Heather said: ‘People come to golf clubs these days for all sorts of reasons – parties, to meet friends, for Sunday lunch or maybe as an alternative place for a work meeting. We’re striving to make golf more welcoming and inclusive for everyone. That’s now my responsibility here.’

The editor of UK golf magazine Women & Golf, Alison Root, said: ‘There’s a growing number of females in senior positions at golf clubs and why shouldn’t there be? These ladies, including Heather, are very good at their jobs. It’s another example of how barriers are being broken down and how the game is becoming more inclusive to women.’

Working in the industry, Heather definitely plays to her strengths. She confessed: ‘Just don’t ask me how to hit the golf ball further and straighter — I’m definitely better at running a golf club than I am at playing the game!’