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TWO years ago Ali Franklin was unemployed after 20 years working in a bank, and was told there was no free training available for her to find new work.

But when she started her own franchise of the Pitman Training group in Cosham and Southampton, she realised she had been entitled to £1,000-worth of training to get her back into employment.

Now she wants to tell those out of work or facing redundancy that there is help out there – especially as her company has received new funding to help others.

She said: ‘I don’t want anyone to feel the same way as I did.

‘When I began work with Pitman I realised I’d actually been entitled to training, but the jobcentre turned me away saying there was nothing available.

‘I’d been working for Barclays for 20 years, and when you work for a bank you don’t need to know computer programmes like Excel or Word, and all the jobs I went for wanted those skills.

‘I just want everyone in the Portsmouth area to know that if they are in the same position as me they can come to me and they will be helped.’

Ali’s franchise has won funding from London-based firm Manley Summers to provide skills support for the unemployed, and skills support for redundancy.

It means that there is lots of help available to help people get back to work.

Ali said: ‘We ask them what they’d like to do, and we give them training to be able to do it.

‘We help search for jobs and when they’ve got an interview we’ll role play with them to help them get the job.’

Pitmans Training will also be at the Journey Back to Work jobseekers event on Thursday, September 29 at Cascades Shopping Centre from 10am.

See them there to find out more about training.