High there!

HIGH Engineers at work
HIGH Engineers at work
CATCH LINE: University of Portsmouth University House, in Winston Churchill Avenue, Portsmouth. Picture: Duncan Shepherd

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WORKERS have been scaling the heights as they carry out vital work, replacing the power cables that are draped along our skyline.

Duncan Willis, of Mollison Rise in Whiteley, took this dramatic picture and said: ‘This is going on right at the back of my garden fence.

‘It’s strangely fascinating to watch them, but at the same time I was almost too afraid to watch.

‘There were two guys up there, and they had this sort of cradle they were working from.

‘We got letters around Christmas-time telling us they were going to be working on the pylons, and they’ve cleared a lot of the trees from around the area to do it.

‘We’ve been told they’ll be replanted though.

‘They’ve just put up scaffolding up along both sides of the road here with netting on it. I guess that’s to catch anything that might fall.’

The work by the National Grid is expected to carry on until the end of April.