How this Waterlooville firm will save ‘10 swimming pools of plastic’ every year

A COMPANY that specialises in dog food has made the ambitious claim that it will save around 10 swimming pools worth of plastic every year, after making a change with its packaging.

Thursday, 24th January 2019, 3:55 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th February 2019, 6:57 pm
From left, Tyler Daly, Ted, Maxine Gale, Ria Daly, Beau Sharon Daly, Aaron Daly and Frankie. Picture: Mike Cooter

Paleo Ridge Raw Dog Food Company, based in Waterlooville, is aiming to make significant reductions to the amount of plastic waste it sends to landfill.

The family-run business provides raw food for dogs that is free from processing, creating a natural alternative to standard dog food.

This is delivered to customers in plastic boxes, held safely in place with polystyrene.

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The company’s idea? Switching out the polystyrene usually found inside the boxes with an environmentally-friendly replacement.

Tyler Daly, Paleo Ridge Raw’s managing director, says that the company is determined to help take the fight to plastic waste.

He explained: ‘We are about to change our packaging to something that is much better for the environment, and are incredibly happy with this change.

'At the moment we are using general polystyrene packaging – the only places this can go is back to us, or straight to landfill.

The new packaging at Paleo Ridge Raw. Picture: Tyler Daly

‘We’re switching instead to WoolCool, working with another business which provides polystyrene alternatives.

‘This is then put in between recyclable pillows, to keep the contents of the box safe and secure.’

The changeover was inspired by Chris Jones, the head of supply chain at the company.

WoolCool, according to Paleo Ridge, is a few shades darker than regular wool, and less pasteurised too.

Final Straw

Mr Daly says that the new WoolCool packaging looks a bit like having insulation inside

The material, which is fully compostable, should be rolled out company-wide in next month, which Mr Daly hopes will inspire other companies to follow suit.

He said: ‘As a company, we are heavily focused on doing the right thing – both for the consumer and for the environment.

‘We had an in-depth testing process for new materials and although using this material will come at a cost to us, it is something we are prepared to do, and we want other companies to do the same.

‘People here are very excited about the change but I don’t know of anyone else in this industry doing this sort of thing, and that is a great shame.’