‘Huge amount of work’ would need to be put into Portsmouth’s bid to stage Tour de France

The 1994 Tour de France passes HMS Victory
The 1994 Tour de France passes HMS Victory
HMS Victory and the Mary Rose Museum from the air     Picture: Shaun Roster

‘Nowhere in Europe offers everything Portsmouth does’

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THE bid Portsmouth would need to submit to host a stage of the Tour de France is complex – and not cheap.

Tory council leader Donna Jones says it could cost up to £1.5m – it is hoped a major financial backer will get on board.

There’s a huge amount of work that will need to be put into it.

Councillor Donna Jones, leader of Portsmouth City Council

And she said the bulk of cash would need to be spent on drafting in a team of expert consultants who would draw up a huge plan detailing exactly how the city would host the race and why it would be a massive success.

Cllr Jones said: ‘A team of people would need to be working on all aspects of the Tour; such as the road layout, road safety, traffic management plans, police, health, hotel operators, parking, park-and-ride provisions, potential advertising space for sponsors and other companies, while also working with Visit England VisitBritain.

‘There’s a huge amount of work that will need to be put into it.’

Cllr Jones said: ‘I can’t make any promises, but in order to help make this city prosper and grow, we need leaders such as myself who have vision and aspiration.

‘It’s part of my job to keep pushing the city forward, to make sure we are increasing our outcomes and prospects, for Portsmouth and the surrounding area.’